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Traditional beauty, always in style
From traditional to rustic, from smooth to distressed and hand-scraped
It easily surpasses the ordinary
Strong, durable and ready for today's busy lifestyles
Wood's natural beauty is warm and inviting
You are sure to find the look you’ll love


FF hardwood 01Hardwood floors offer a vast, nature striking, variety of options. From exotic species and unique designs, to distressed planks and meticulous hand-sculpted, to stunning traditional designs and high-performance, each floor is manufactured and crafted with the highest detail you demand.

With a wide assortment of colors, textures, widths, wood species, construction options, specialty finishes, and installation methods, Flamingo's Flooring makes it easy to find the perfect hardwood floor to complement your personal style and room décor.

Get inspire, get empowered and create that personal look you always dreamed of. Explore your options; from sleek to sophisticated, contemporary to casual. Learn about different appearances and performance characteristics.

Appreciate the stunning depth of color and grain, touch and feel the differences in wood texture, experience the naturally captivating originality and beauty only hardwood floors delivers.

From the finest stains and premium finishes in shades ranging from elegant honey tones to subtle natural hues, and from clear natural to rich chocolate, you will find a unique hardwood floor that is right for you with the look you desire.

Hardwood floors provide warmth, harmony, character, sophistication and quality that last a lifetime.

Featuring hardwood by:

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 Rural Living Northern Maple Rich Brown 5 Engineered Plank ERH5308

Rural Living, Northern Maple, Rich Brown, 5, Engineered, Plank, ERH5308


 Artesian Hand Tooled Birch Artesian Steel Brown 456 Engineered Plank EMW6312    Midtown White Oak Natural White Oak 5 Engineered Plank ESFK501

Artesian Hand Tooled, Birch, Artesian Steel Brown 4,5,6, Engineered, Plank, EMW6312 (left). Midtown, White Oak, Natural White Oak, 5, Engineered, Plank, ESFK501 (right)


 Artesian Classic Color Wash Cherry Cinnamor Mist Engineered Plank 0557CI

Artesian Classic Color Wash, Cherry, Cinnamon Mist, Engineered, Plank, 0557CI


 Century Farm Cherry Bronze 5 Engineered Plank GCC452BZLG    Global Exotics Tigerwood Natural 3.5 Engineered Plank TG422NA

Century Farm Cherry Bronze 5 Engineered Plank GCC452BZLG (left). Global Exotics, Tigerwood, Natural, 3.5, Engineered, Plank, TG422NA (right)


 Kingsford Oak Natural 2.25 Solid Strip KG611NALG    Performance Plus Walnut Natural 5 Engineered Plank ESP5251

Kingsford, Oak, Natural, 2.25, Solid, Strip, KG611NALG (left). Performance Plus, Walnut, Natural, 5, Engineered, Plank, ESP5251 (right)


 Rustic Accents Acacia Natural 4.72 Engineered Plank EHS5300

Rustic Accents, Acacia, Natural, 4.72, Engineered, Plank, EHS5300


 Urethane Parquet Oak Cinnabar 12 Solid Parquet 111110  111140    Yorkshire Strip Oak Natural 2.5 Solid BV631NA

Urethane Parquet, Oak, Cinnabar, 12, Solid, Parquet, 111110 & 111140 (left). Yorkshire Strip, Oak, Natural, 2.5, Solid, BV631NA (right)


 Blackwater Classics Walnut Antique Natural 5 Engineered Plank BCW411ANLG    Century Estate Plank White Oak Iron Gate 6 Engineered Plank EPH6411

Blackwater Classics, Walnut, Antique Natural, 5, Engineered, Plank, BCW411ANLG (left). Century Estate Plank, White Oak, Vintage World, 6, Engineered, Plank, EPH6411 (right)

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